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Mechanism, regulation and engineering of biosystems

We are interested in using the tools of organic chemistry to understand biological problems. Research includes mechanistic enzymology of enzyme-catalysed reactions, the synthesis of novel probes of biological function and the biophysical characterisation of protein-protein interactions. More information about current group members and research projects can be found via the links to the left.

If you are interested in joining the research group at any level then feel free to contact Dr Mike Webb directly.


  • Two BBSRC-funded project studentship opportunities are available with Bruce and Mike: engineering of glycoproteins and global regulation of metabolism.
    Details are available here. Candidates may also be interested in the Wellcome Trust scheme, details of which are here, check out Phil's starring role in the video.
  • October '14 - A warm welcome to Gemma, Arthur, Zoe, Sarah, Tara and Pete who have joined the group.
  • July '14 - Congratulations to Briony who has passed her PhD viva
  • February '14 - Congratulations to James on passing his PhD viva
  • January '14 - Congratulations to Heather on passing her PhD viva
  • August '13 - Mike presents at the 9th International Congress of the NDP Kinase/Nm23/awd Gene Family in Boston
  • July '13 - Tom McAllister presents his PhD work at the RSC Challenges in Chemical Biology meeting in Boston
  • July '13 - Congratulations to Tom and Jeff and all the masters students on graduating
  • April '13 - Mike presents some of Zhenlian, Jeff and Tom's work at the Cambridge Biochemical Society meeting on Exploring kinomes: pseudokinases and beyond
  • February '13 - Congratulations to Tom and Jeff - both of whom are now officially PhD graduands.
  • Photo of the Webb group April 2013