The Lab

Four reaction stations (from left to right)
  • 1. Reaction station 1.
  • 2. Reaction station 2.
  • 3. Reaction station 3.
  • 4. Reaction station 4.
  • 5. Oven station for standalone and non-standalone reactors.(not pictured)

  • Oven1


    The oven reaction station can be used by all reactors. On the top are the controllers for temperature, pressure and stirring. It has a built in silica column which can be used to column products straight from the reaction cell using scCO2.

  • Click here to open the oven.

  • Viewcell1

    View Cell Reactor

    This is a 20cm3 reaction vessel with a full size borosilicate glass view window at each end. Carbon dioxide is charged and exhausted via the pipework on the top. Heat is provided by a stirrer/hotplate. To ensure effecient heating the reaction vessel, once loaded with reagents and connected to the carbon dioxide feed line, is insulated with cotton wool and aluminium foil or alternatively reactions may be done in the oven (see above).
    The temperature is regulated by a thermocouple that sits in a pre-drilled hole near the base of the vessel, this controls the hotplate.
    Using this view cell it has been possible to do solubility studies and record videos of reactions which would otherwise go unseen.


    Standalone Reactor

    This is a 20cm3 reaction vessel which has all the neccessary controllers attached, except a heat source. This can be filled at the filling station and then sealed off and moved to a thermocouple controlled hotplate or the oven.

    Pressurisation Equipment.

    Just off the lab picture (top) to the left of the fume hood is an ISCO 260D syring pump used for pressurising and charging the carbon dioxide into the vessels.

    It is important to use the correct equiptment and to have adequate safety procedures in place before attempting any high pressure reactions.

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