Academic Links

  • The University of York Green Chemistry Group:

  • The University of Nottingham Clean Technology Research Group:

  • Leicester University, Leicester Green Chemistry Group:

  • Research into SCF at Ohio State University:

  • Supercritical Fluid Research at:

  • Green Chemistry:

  • The Journal of Supercritical Fluids:

  • The supercritical fluids facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • Walter Leitner at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung:

  • University of Oregon Green Chemistry News Bulletins:

  • University of Illinois Green Chemistry Site:

  • Environmental Protection Agency Green Chemistry Site:

    Industrial Links

  • Phasex - Specialists in supercritical fluid technology.

  • Kobe Steel, Using supercritical fluids as a solvent for reactions, purification, extraction and materials processing:

  • Swagelok, suppliers of high pressure valves and fittings:

  • Hoke, suppliers of high pressure valves and fittings:

  • MiCell Technologies, Making advances in the use of CO2 for cleaning and textile processing:

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