Chris Rayner
My research is in the following main areas: reactive intermediate chemistry; nucleic acid chemistry and novel biotransformations; and reactions in unusual reaction media such as supercritical carbon dioxide. Reactive intermediates such as aziridinium ions, episulfonium ions, and related species, are being exploited for the synthesis of biologically active molecules, particularly with regard to new methods for stereocontrol. The synthesis of antiviral agents (e.g. Lamivudine, 3TC™) has been developed in the group, and this work is now leading to the synthesis of other molecules capable of interacting selectively with nucleic acids. Biotransformations are also potentially very important in asymmetric synthesis, and we are currently developing new methods for the stereocontrolled synthesis of molecules of biological interest using enzymes in key synthetic reactions. In collaboration with Prof. Tony Clifford (Physical Chemistry), I am also involved with the development of new reactions which can be carried out in supercritical CO2, particularly those which exploit the unique properties of CO2 as a solvent for controlling some aspect of selectivity in a reaction.



Tony Clifford
My research is in the use of clean solvents, such as supercritical fluids (especially carbon dioxide) and superheated water for carrying out a variety of processes: extraction; fractionation; chromatography; chemical reactions; particle formation; polymer processing; dyeing and impregnation. Fundamental studies of supercriticalfluids. Control of the stereochemistry of reaction products in supercritical fluids in collaboration with Dr.C.M. Rayner.

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Alejandro Garcia Hernan

Final Year PhD


Andy Parratt

Guillaume Raynel

2nd Year PhD


Dan Clarke

1st Year PhD


Laura Johnson

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