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Mike Pilling

Research section: Physical Chemistry
+44 (0)113 3436450

Photograph of Mike Pilling


Atmospheric chemistry
Interstellar chemistry
Chemical kinetics
Laser flash photolysis
Modelling elementary reactions
Modelling complex reactions


Mike's research interests centre on fundamental chemical kinetics and applications in atmospheric chemistry and combustion.

Experimental measurements of the rates of elementary reactions are made using laser flash photolysis, coupled with a range of laser based techniques to probe the behaviour of short lived species in the gas phase. The combustion applications involve short-lived species such as CH2, while OH and peroxy radicals are studied because of their importance in atmospheric chemistry. Models of these reactions are constructed using quantum theory and a master equation technique to enable us to understand the mechanisms and to extrapolate from the lab to the conditions of applications. A new code, MESMER, has been developed to carry out master equation calculations. A recently developed project involves the investigation of non-statistical kinetics in reactions of organic compounds in solution.

We also develop models of complex chemistry and apply them to help us to understand atmospheric field experiments and measurements that we conduct in atmospheric reactors in Leeds and in Valencia, Spain. The work has led to the development of the master chemical mechanism (MCM), that is widely used in atmospheric chemical modeling.

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Eperimental rate measurements for NS + NO, O2 + NO2 and electronic structure calculations of the reaction paths for NS + NO2, M. Blitz, K.W.McKee, M J Pilling, M.A.Vincent amd I.J. Hillier, J Phys Chem, 2002, 106, 8406-8410

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The Eastern Atlantic Spring Experiment 1997 (EASE97): 2. Comparisons of model concentrations of OH, HO2 and RO2 with measurements. N. Carslaw, D.J. Creasey, D.E. Heard, P.J.Jacobs, J.D.Lee, A.C. Lewis, J.B. McQuaid, M.J. Pilling, S Bauguitte, S.A. Penkett, P.S. Monks, G. Salisbury. J Geophys Res, 2002, 107(D14), 4190

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