Blown up versions of the animated gifs found on the front page.

Balloons - Three balloons of H2 and one of H2 mixed with O2

The Barking Dog

Bubbles of H2 with a little O2

A Cream Cracker + Liquid O2

DNPO - Chemiluminescent Rainbow

Ether Vapour

Fire from Cr2O3 + Ethanol

Fire from Water

Foam - Polyurethane

Gun Cotton

H2O2 + KI in soapy water

Lead Iodide (Gold Reaction)

Lime Light

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen blowing up balloons

Liquid Oxygen

Flammable solid

Magnesium Lamp

Oxidation of Ammonia

NO2 + aniline

Old Nassau

Phosphorus Moon

Burning Seabrooks Crisps

Silane Gas


Sugar + Sulphuric Acid

Thermite Reaction

The Volcano Reaction

The Barking Dog Reaction - 119 Kb Streaming video with sound Warning only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer

The Barking Dog Reaction - 5.1 Mb High Quality MPEG movie